Foreign visitors

Feb.2012: A group of foreign iceclimbers from Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany was in Sunndalen, Eresfjord / Eikesdal and Romsdalen the first 14 days of February. They climbed 22 to 23 different ice routes. A lot of the new lines. Included in this group was Ines Papert, Thomas Senf, Scott Milton, Emanuele Ciullo, Seiwald Luke, Kurt Astner and Rudolf Hauser.

Look at the climbing pictures of Thomas Senf.

Here is a set of pictures from area Erneset Eidsvåg

More climbing pictures

 by Thomas Senf

All climbed ice-routes is shown her with additional comments
The final list of the icelines

Read Ines own story from the climbing.
Same story in deutch

Her is a clip of it : After a scouting trip to Norway in December 2010, Rudi Hauser was convinced, to get some of the worlds best Ice climbing done in Romsdalen, if the conditions are good.

The pictures below show the ice lines. Some of them know we are new. But when it comes to Sunndalen and Romsdal, we need help from others. Therefore, please contact Bjørn Magne

Eresfjord og Eikesdal



Bilder blir lagt ut så snart vi har dei. Men vi har eit oversiktsbilde frå "Monsterveggen".

Dette er Sindre B. Sæter sine ruter i "Monsterveggen" på Flatmark i Romsdalen. Det var her Rudolf Hauser måtte snu (deira rute nr.7)